Thursday, August 15, 2013

New House New Life

While waiting for J to arrive home from the airport tonight, I found a new show to enjoy on HGTV called New House New Life. It follows families looking for a change {escape the rat race} and they up and move to somewhere else. One family moved from Chicago to Santa Fe, NM...then the next family moved from NYC to Colorado. It was super fun to see the 3 homes/areas that they explored with their move to Colorado. In fact, one of the 3 was our new town.

The premise of the show hits close to home. As these families move elsewhere for a different {perhaps better} life, they must leave behind family, friends, jobs and a life of familiarity. It is always tough, no matter how many times you go through it. "They" say moving is nearly as stressful as death and divorce in one's life. Well, we've been through it all...AND a few moves. Despite all of the stress and anxiety, this move feels different...already.

While talking with my baby sis today, we concurred that Colorado is warm and sunny for me, and keeps Jeremy from longing to move to SoCal.

Then, tonight while having dinner with a friend from college that moved out here about 18 months ago {from Michigan} exclaimed how much I am going to enjoy winters here. {I kind of gathered this already, but wanted to hear his perspective} He said it the snow is different, and it melts faster...and when it does melt, things aren't "wet" like they are in MI. The Cherry on Top: It never gets gray-black and ugly. It's either white and pretty...or back to 55 and sunny. Perhaps a "lorryn-kind-of-winter!"

I've already picked up on the so-called "300+ days of sunshine" - it is kind of unreal and brings me much happiness...daily.

Below are some pictures of the route either along the expressway or on the main road to our new house, it certainly is a different kind of life. I cannot wait to see what is in store with the new house...that we will be sleeping in, in one week!

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