Saturday, November 10, 2012

Blessing #9...My Grandparents

I feel so fortunate to have grown up directly next to two equally amazing people, my grandparents. Although I am close and appreciate all of my grandparents, there is a certain rapport one builds when they grow up 1/4 mile from their paternal grandparents.

My grandparents were there for me at nearly all of my sporting events growing up, fed me, sewed many pieces of my wardrobe, taught me about farming, about hard work, love, religion and family!

Grandma's house is the Clubhouse and all of the family are members. After an addition put on by my in-laws, the Clubhouse is now large enough to host all most of the family at once! Daily, there is always visitors dropping by to "hang out" and of course Grandma feeds them a meat and potato meal with some banana nut bread on the side and Grandpa invites them to try his homemade Strawberry Wine. This happens naturally as their five grown children live within a 5-mile radius of the Clubhouse. But also b/c they are the type to never turn anyone away, always have their door open and are hospitable. 

Grandpa is practically the mayor of our small town, after driving bus for decades and transporting generation after generation to/from school, sporting events and Cedar Point and Band Camps. Grandma is recently retired, yet still works nearly every day at one neighbor's greenhouse or farm; meanwhile, is a great grandma to a growing family.

After being "away" from home for six years now, I can attest that I miss these two people dearly.
Yesterday they celebrated 55 years of marriage...what a milestone!! I am so proud to call them Grandma and Grandpa!

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