Thursday, November 8, 2012

Blessings #6 &!

Subject Line: Operation Minneapolis for Christmas

That is the subject line between an email exchange of my sisters and I. They are finding the best possible way to find their way 700 miles away to my home to play with their niece and visit us. They have sourced pricing on airlines, trains, buses, driving their own car, etc. A lot of work has been put forth trying to make this happen, and I am sooo thankful! I cannot wait to see them, hug them and spend quality time with them {we definitely do not get enough time together!}.

For the last decade, my brother and I have grown extremely close. In fact, I would call him my best friend, aside from J. And the cherry on top: J and my brother are also best friends, often texting about fantasy football, Detroit Tigers updates, and so on!

We felt really lucky when J's mom made her way out here in September to enable us to get away together {for work...and a little pleasure!}, a much needed and appreciated getaway!

Then, there is my mom who constantly hand-crafts items for Miss L: from "scarfs and shawls to a Halloween outfit" - it is always nice to get a package of made-with-love items.

And then there's my aunt, uncle and younger cousin that flew out to visit us this summer for their vacation!!! Yes, they vacationed in Minnesota. Although beautiful in the summer, I can think of other places to vacation in this beautiful world. They were so determined to see us, visit with Miss L, they spent their hard-earned money and precious vacation time to be with us. Quite a touching thought! And we had a blast!

I'm pretty lucky to have so many grandparents living still, and to have so many caring individuals in my life that I call family! More than just two days worth of blessings, certainly appreciated daily!

My siblings -JJ, JJ's gf Lauren, Lynnae & Jener - I heart them!

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