Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy 5 Month Birthday Miss L

It is happening. Exactly what I expected, but not what I hoped for...once you have kids, time flies by faster than you ever imagined.

Just as your wedding day did. The most popular advice to engaged couples is "to enjoy the day, soak it all in, because your wedding day transpires so quickly!" And you think, "I'm sure it does, but I'm going to do things differently...I'm going to make sure I see everyone, enjoy the day, dance with guests on the dance floor...and so on!" But it never came and went faster than you said I do!

This same advice happens when you are expecting - "Enjoy them while they are young, they grow up fast" and "I don't remember my baby being that little." You assume you will write it all down, video tape every moment and find some miracle cure of Slllooowwwing time down. Nope!

Jeremy and I enjoyed this 5-year fun, so-called haze in our 20's - the time from honeymoon to pregnancy test. When time stood still and responsibility was as minor as cleaning Mr. Cole's litter box and taking out the trash once per week. We felt "forever young." Then Miss L arrived in our lives.
We welcomed her with open arms 5 months ago today. This next chapter of our life is filled with joy, fun, laughter, and excitement...but also moved at the speed at light.

Below are some photos of our informal monthly photo shoot (thanks to her Aunt Lynnae), and of a video of her nearly crawling.

Here is our list of milestone moments this month:
  • Teething - we have been actively teething since December 1st...we went from seeing white gums (bottom, of course!) to now feeling bumps on those sore gums. Teething toys are plentiful in our home currently.
  • Rolling over like crazy - every which way, every direction - which makes diaper changes a bit of a challenge.
  • Smiles - no longer stingy with them, Miss L is smiling like crazy...and tons of giggles also!
  • Interested in real food - recently had rice cereal, some mashed avocado and really enjoyed sucking on her Aunt Nae's pear - we look forward to the adventures of making our own baby food.
  • Crawling - NOT YET...but any day now. We do a "backwards crawl" currently...more like a scoot.
  • Thumb sucking - slightly - we are trying to "work" on this, as we would prefer Miss L attach to a pacifier versus her thumb.
  • Baby Crunches and Leg Lifts - yes, she has abs of steel (unlike her parents), as she does these cute little crunches while liftting her legs. (See bottom photo)

All fun activities! She is napping and sleeping well (we are blessed!)...and a healthy, perfect lil' baby girl.

I think we will see a lot of changes between 5 and 6 months, and just like the other will fly by way too fast!

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