Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello Again!

Dear's been a while. Too long, in my opinion. Between the busy days that surrounded Christmas and our time spent in Michigan, visiting family and friends, the blog has been neglected. Did I mention the days spent in Michigan were mostly spent in a home with nearly-dial-up internet service and next-to-nothing cell phone service? Not only was I unable to blog, but I couldn't check Facebook updates either. Sometimes it is nice to un-plug for a while and enjoy some R&R...but boy am I happy to be back in the world with technology.

I have so much to blog about as we celebrated Miss L's First Christmas, enjoyed a fondue feast on Christmas Eve, went to MI for 3 Christmas parties, enjoyed a playdate with friends and cherished the baptism of our baby girl.

I promise to share our fun times and stories in the coming days.

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