Monday, January 9, 2012

Eager to Read

One might think I'm on a mission to create a baby genious, but in all reality, it was just a "day in the life of Miss L."

This morning, we got ourselves "presentable" in record-breaking time from waking up from a nap to pulling into the library in an impressive 26 minutes!!! This includes me brushing my teeth, a light make up app and a wardrobe swap; Miss L had a wardrobe swap and diaper change.

We enjoyed Storytime for Babies at our local library - which is 45 minutes of fun songs, rhymes, reading of books and toys. Miss L doesn't need much to entertain her when in a room full of 14-15 month olds...

The afternoon consisted of yet another nap, followed by a long walk outside in the unsually warm, sunny winter weather! I talked to her throughout the walk, describing the trees, the sky and beautiful sun, and children walking home from school.

We received a surprising phone call from our 12-year old neighbor, asking if he could come read a story to Miss L as part of a homework assignment. So...he came over to read a great story straight from the most popular street on TV.

We finished our night with bath time and our new favorite bath book, Water, Water, Everywhere.

Reading and Narrating for young minds is so important and I am proud to think of how much Miss L absorbed today. The forecast for tomorrow: 51 and January! I think another walk is in store!