Friday, January 13, 2012

A Second Nine Months {Book Review}

The moment the pregnancy test gives you a positive sign...the natural reaction is to rush out to the book store/library/nook store/etc., and purchase all of the baby books on what to expect, how to raise the happiest baby on the block, getting your baby to sleep, having a "scheduled" baby, what foods to eat, etc.

In my mind, each book has a little take-away, however, people should not live their life or parent their children by one particular author's recommendation. Every child is different, and not one book is going to give you the "best" baby/child/teenager. Perhaps the exception to my theory is the bible.

After nine (er, ten!) months of overfilling your mind with these books in an attempt to create your own "baby manual," it is a welcome refresher to read a non-baby book. I found just the right book. I love reading light-hearted, fictional "chick" books filled with antecdotes about food, fashion, and fun that I can easily relate to. Which is why I was soo excited to quickly read cover to cover, The Second Nine Months, by Vicki Glembocki. One Woman Tells The Real Truth About Becoming a Mom. Finally.

It is a memoir about what motherhood is "really" like...she shares each month post-delivery of her daughter - the countless pediatrician visits because the doctor thinks the baby is "failing to thrive," breastfeed highs and lows, the emotions of going back to work, finding a {suitable} daycare provider, and all of the excitement and frustration of the initiation to motherhood.

As one reviewer wrote, "motherhood is not one giant hallmark moment."

People don't tell you this, movies don't exhibit reality and in some way nothing anyone could say would prepare you for this challenge...although it is the best thing to happen to you.

If you are a new mom and looking to escape the plethora of books written by the "most respected" pediatrician in the field...I would highly recommend this light read to take your mind to a fun-place, a place where you can pour a glass of wine and laugh outloud, a place where you share the real honesty about motherhood with only your best of friends.

Next book on the nook: "Sippy Cups Are Not For Chardonnay: And other things I learned as a new mom," by Stefanie Wilder-Taylor

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