Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Visit to Vail

It is simply amazing how close we now live to such beautiful landscapes and fun outdoor natural playgrounds.

J had an opportunity to golf for work "up in the mountains," in Silverthorne. We knew about this opportunity about 5-6 days out, but it wasn't until he came home from work the evening prior and suggested with excitement that we should "all" go to the mountains, in celebration of our anniversary weekend!

We I quickly re-arranged schedules for the following two days, started to pack our bags and prepare to leave first thing Thursday morning. I was honestly sooo excited to wear jeans, boots, sweater and a scarf for the first time in months, after we've experienced 50+ days of 90+ degree heat here in Denver.

Surprisingly, it was still uber-hot up there and I was changing into summer clothes all-too-quickly!

While J golfed, Miss L and I had nearly 6 hours to entertain ourselves...we did some outlet shopping, flirted our toes into the refreshing, beautiful Blue River, had lunch by gorgeous Lake Dillon, hit the playground and even met up with a friend {formerly from Michigan} that just so happened to be in Silverthorne for a wedding that weekend!

Cooling off our "piggies"

Mommy's friend "Alexis" with lil' Alexis

Does it get any more picturesque than this?
Once we arrived in beautiful Vail {elevation 8k}, we found a bar to watch the Denver Broncos kick-off football season. The next day, we started off our morning at "The Little Diner" - which I read is an epic breakfast spot in Vail. It was a tiny diner with a U-shaped bar seating 20 people and the renowned Chef and his tiny crew in the center of the bar, preparing orders. Guests literally wait outside in a line for seats to open {no host stand or "put your name in" here}. Breakfast was delicious and the experience was incredible.

Then, we took a gondola ride up, up, up...up in the mountains to about 10,000 in elevation. The ride was longer than we anticipated {it just kept going}, but we didn't mind as the views were beautiful. Once at the top, we could see the Mount of the Holy Cross and the Gore Range. It was...breathtaking! We donned our hiking backpack/carrier called a Kelty and hit the trails for some family fun and exercise.

We finished the day with Oktoberfest in Lionshead Village of Vail. Miss L cried when we had to sweep her off the dance floor due to the rain. All she wanted to do was dance, dance!

The following day, we explored Vail Village, which is much larger than Lionshead. Both villages are very pedestrian friendly and we could walk the 3/4 mile between both places. I cannot wait to see these places in action during the middle of winter - we are excited to go back!

On the way home, we stopped back at Silverthorne, to show daddy beautiful Lake Dillon and play in the park!

It was such a blessing to be able to getaway like that and to easily go explore this beautiful state. Fun was had by all and Miss L was a trooper with all of the travel!

Breakfast at The Little Diner

View from the Gondola going up!

Top of the mountain

Taking a break during our hike

Dancing at Oktoberfest

Ring around the Rosie

Playing in more streams...in Vail

That little smile says it all!


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