Friday, September 13, 2013

Operation: Save Mommy's Sanity

It has been just over 3 weeks since moving to our new home. Most of the brown boxes have been explored; however, some areas just feel a little unfinished or "half-down"...particularly our "Toyfice" - yep, we have a Toy Room/Office.

The lack of a completion of the Toy Room has caused Miss L to find trouble in every nook and cranny throughout our house. On Wednesday, I thought I might need to begin "day drinking" to survive the day; instead, I brewed a second up of coffee! I actually went out shopping {in the pouring rain} both Wednesday and Thursday nights once daddy came home, just to enjoy a much-needed break!

It quickly became clear that the 70lb box sitting in the Toyfice containing a beautiful, dream play kitchen for our toddler needed to be assembled. I think I may have left for Target and gave this specific directive and labeled it "Save Mommy's Sanity."

I came home an hour later to J surrounded by many parts and pieces out; as he quickly realized that "this is the 'real' deal" and should better hold up for years to come. 3.5 hours later {near midnight} and Miss L's dream kitchen was complete. As we moved it into the Toyfice, I felt like it was Christmas Eve. It was such a treat to see her face light-up the next morning when she first witnessed her new toy.

I have to send a HUGE thank you to my Aunt Shelley for suggesting said kitchen {she found it online - made by KidKraft}, for helping to pay for some of the kitchen with birthday money; as well as my Grandma Reilly and Aunt Cindi for birthday money that contributed to purchasing this beauty...or rather, for saving my sanity!

Miss L has been playing more and more in the Toyfice, and less in MY kitchen cabinets. To top things off, we have even hosted playdates, both yesterday and today, with our new neighborhood friends.

Below are some photos of our playdate today with Miss P. These girls have played together twice at the Pool and already have soo much fun together...

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