Sunday, February 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Sis!

Twenty years ago today, our family grew from 5 to 6, as we welcomed my youngest sister - Jener Delane Katherine. Then, I was ready to continue my role as "big sister-caretaker-2nd mother."

Growing up, Jener was always my "baby sister," and being ten years my junior will make that happen naturally. However, in the past five years, the 10-year gap has felt much more narrow and the "caretaker" role has been replaced with friendship.

This transition has happened overnight, or so it seems. Jener has grown into one of the sweetest, most thoughtful and generous people I know. She also is a wonderful Godmother to Miss L and serves as a great role model being one of the most mature and responsible 20-year olds around. Regardless of her Godmother role, she is a wonderful Auntie to Miss L - spoiling her with love and encouragement, teaching her and guiding her to grow and have fun!

As a typical "under-funded college student" - she somehow finds a way to work hard for the money to send Miss L gifts, cards and buy her fun things like snow boots for sledding and a tent from IKEA for which she can run around or just sending her care packages, just because.

As she exudes passion in her education, community involvement and her future career path, I know she is on track for great success and to ultimately leave a legacy here. All of it makes me so proud to call her my sister and my friend and excited to see what the coming years have in store...


You might say she is my "mini-me!"

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