Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I sure try to count my blessings daily, but it is nice to recognize them outloud. I have been blessed with three amazing siblings whom I love and admire dearly.

We had the fortunate opportunity to have a "(first annual) Siblings Weekend" back in June at my brother's place in Columbus, OH. We flew in from Minnesota, one sis drove north from Cincinnati and the other sis drove south from Michigan.It was filled with lots of relaxation by their pool, adult beverages, fun with Miss L and touring the sights around the beautiful area where they live. No plans or agenda...just casual fun.

I must admit living hundreds of miles away from my siblings is probably the most difficult challenge I face daily. I see how much joy Miss L brings to their lives. I know how much they miss her due to their constant flow of phone calls, texts, phone messages, cards, gifts and geniune love they each generously share. Although given our work ethic, career aspirations and passion for a great life - I don't foresee us four residing in the same city, let alone all in the same state. However, it sure would be nice to be within driving distance.

Last weekend, as we hosted a 1st birthday party in Michigan for our family there - it was so nice to have all of my siblings present. In fact, the party would not have been a success without the help of my two sisters. At times I felt like a slave driver, but they rolled up their sleeves and helped with anything and everything. One sis was even willing to clean my mother-in-law's bathroom (the host home). They truly would do anything for me, and likewise. I am incredibly thankful for my three siblings and their three significant others - all are great role models for Miss L and a HUGE part of her life, even if hundreds (nearly 1,000) miles away.

L to R: Aunt L, Uncle JJ, JJ's gf L, Auntie Jen (holding Miss L), me & J

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  1. Awww! I love you ALL and miss my "other family"!!!