Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Month!

Just like her momma...Miss L's birthday has been less centered around one particular day...and more about the entire month {of fun!}. This happened naturally as we hosted a cupcake-themed birthday party for our family in MI one weekend, followed by her birthday {on a Wednesday this year}, and finished up with a birthday party "Cupcakes & Cocktails" for our MN friends the following weekend.
Her {current} favorite past time: playing with our patio furniture cushions

To make matters worse {or "sweeter" rather}, we had her 1-year photos a couple of weeks prior to our MI trip, which also included a smash cake. After all of the celebrations, Miss L is certainly a pro at digging into the sugary good stuff.

It has been an amazing year being blessed with the presence of this little doll. She is so incredibly happy, easy and fun - we count our blessings! No one can properly prepare you for the joys of parenthood, but it is with elation and pure joy that we thank our Lord for Miss L. And the happiness and smiles she brings to her family that loves her dearly when they {on occassion} get to visit with her is a treat to watch and certainly something we treasure. Dare I mention the pure strangers that light up when they see her smiling face in the aisle of the grocery store or on the sidewalks near our home.

At the recent 1-year visit {which was the most difficult one thus far in my opinion...thank goodness daddy was there!}, we had an A+ check-up with the following stats:
  • Weight: 18# 10oz - 10th percentile
  • Height: 27 1/2" tall - 25th percentile
  • Head - 17 1/2" circ. - 50th percentile
Behavioral stats:
  • Eating...everything in site!  We breastfeed every morning, enjoy 2 {6oz} bottles during the day, and lots of big girl food - loves nutri-grain bars, oatmeal, rice, chicken, yogurt, and cheese
  • We have been introducing organic whole milk the past 2 weeks
  • Started trying to feed herself with a spoon
  • Sleeping well over night - 8:30pm - 7-8:30am, 2 naps daily of 4 hours
  • Playing with everything - especially books, Mr. Cole and daddy!
    {He knows just how to make us girls giggle}
  • Walking Running everywhere!
  • Tooth #5 was found on her birthday and #6 quickly followed behind
  • Gave the pacifier up at 7 months in exchange for her "silky" - the little lovey animals with a satin blankie attached - we have like 5 in our home
There are 11 days remaining in the big birthday month...of which we will keep her birthday party decor up around our home for every single one of them. This year flew right on by...having the decor up makes me savor this month, even if just a little while longer.

Coming soon: birthday party post{s}

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  1. Love this post! She is such a sweetie and is doing so great! You guys are great parents! Wish we could give up the paci! He's obsessed with the wubbanub and refuses anything that isn't attached to animal. I tell ya! :-)