Monday, July 9, 2012

11 Months of Fun

Yesterday was a big milestone. The "one month until the big birthday" milestone! Sniff, sniff...tear!

Happy 11-month birth day to Miss L! As I prepare to host a party {or two!}, I wanted to take a moment to jot down a quick update!

Just about 10 days ago, she started walking {like overnight!}...and she is now nearly sprinting across our wood floor and has demonstrated she has the footing of a donkey!

She is climbing stairs like a Pro...but now, we are working on teaching her how to get down them properly.

Approximate weight: 18.5 pounds {our best guestimate!}
This is up quite a bit from her 15#7oz just 2 months ago. A growth spurt has arrived in the last month, accompanied by lots of sleeping too!

This has prompted us to pack away most of her 6-month clothes and she generally is wearing 9 months, some 12 months. Size 3 diapers. And Size 2 {barely} shoes.

A fun Saturday evening with Miss C!
We even took a fun bath together following our playtime!

She loves playing with Mr. Cole, spending time in her sensory tunnel that I made her {thank you Pinterest!}, playing with her water table on our patio, and of course our laptops, remote control, cell phones, ipad and anything with a power button. Her favorite past time is dancing!! Anytime any song is played, she is grooving! Fun and Gotye are her current faves!

Her hair is getting super blonde, like her daddy {when he was young} and barely there; which is the reason why she has a headband/bow permanently fastened to her head.
Mr. Cole has learned to sit there and take it!

American Beauty - as the shirt says!


  1. She is looking super adorable, Rynnie. Tell her that her Auntie misses her very much & cannot wait to give her millions of kisses!!


  2. Wow! Hard to believe she is almost a year! What a doll!! She and Ella are about the same size in weight (although I am pretty sure Ella is more- will find out Friday!), diaper size, and clothes size. How funny since they are just over 4 months apart! Wish we could celebrate the big 1 year with you all! Miss you!

  3. Almost a year.... Can you believe how much can change in a year?! Can't wait to see her cake smash. I think the best moment in Ethan 's first birthday was listening to everyone around us song happy birthday to him and watching his sweet, innocent smile. Took my breath away! Congrats!