Monday, July 28, 2014

Platelet Update

Just a couple of days shy of 31 weeks along! I feel like we're in the homestretch. 

The pumpkin moves quite a bit, in comparison to her older sister's womb-days. The uncomfortable times while sitting on a couch or trying to sleep are becoming a daily occurrence. :( 

Platelet Update: 
2/10/14 - first pregnancy blood work panel : 167 (normal but low-normal)
5/19/14 - 109
6/20/14 - 112 (yay! stabilizing!)
7/23/14 - 103 (eek!)

I do have a hematologist appointment in a week or two - which will be the examining arm for moving forward with steroids or other options, in conjunction with my OB. 

Weight gain thus far: 30 pounds...which would put me on track for 40 pounds. :( I gained about 30-35 last time with heavy dosage of prednisone at the end. So, I'm kind of bummed about the weight gain this time around. I definitely have a much more intense sweet tooth during this pregnancy and working at a "restaurant" (so-to-speak) definitely doesn't help the cause. There are always extra food and desserts lingering in the kitchen...which everyone likes to feed a pregnant lady!

I don't really have any photos to post of the bump. Maybe next time!

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