Tuesday, July 9, 2013

23 months

Wow, just one more month until Miss L turns 2! There is no doubt that her beautiful smile and sparkly personality fills our lives and hearts.

I'm not quite certain on her stats and measurements at 23 months - she seems about the same size the last few months as physical growth has slowed down, but her cognitive skills continue to grow by leaps and bounds!

She is very talkative these days, often holding a conversation back and forth with us; yet, practicing a little "stranger danger" with people on the street.

A couple of common phrases include:
  • Did you hear that noise? {referencing a noise we all heard}
  • Pumpkin bread, pumpkin bread! {usually is exclaimed from the comfort of her car seat...as we pass by a Starbucks - I wonder who got her started on THAT!}
  • "How I wonder what you are!" {shouted out loud, and sometimes followed with the remainder of Twinkle, Twinkle - her favorite nursery rhyme.
Miss L counts 1-10, ABC's, identifies most colors and shapes. She {usually} sleeps about 11-12 hours each night and then naps in the early afternoon for 2-3 hours.

Tonight, we enjoyed a quick dinner at the nearby Mall {it happens to have a great outdoor section - "The Vistas" which is like a big play ground for these two...}, followed by a grocery trip to a new Super Target, of course!

Hanging with Daddy at the Mall this beautiful evening!

Her favorite foods include: fresh raspberries, oatmeal, anything-pumpkin, and everything smothered in creamy peanut butter goodness.

We have found a "trick" to getting Miss L to eat lamb from our gyro - we give it to her on a toothpick! Of course, we are careful with this endeavor, but it works like a charm...every time!

Since our move to CO - swimming is our favorite past time...hence, the attempt to wear our swimsuit below...

Only one more month until we have a 2 year old, I'd better stock up on some wine! {tear}


  1. Save your tears for 3 years old ;) Miss you!! It was great catching up yesterday!