Sunday, March 31, 2013

Love List - March

Although we are not loving on long and snowy this winter has been...we definitely continue to enjoy life with Miss L.

This month's "Love List" includes:

Loving: seeing the snow melt! Slowly, but assuredly! Weekly Zumba class with my friend Kelly - such a great, fun workout. It just so happens to take place at a local dance studio and it makes me real excited for Miss L to participate in dance class...just as I did. Lastly, brown sugar in my coffee. I had this at a Wild NHL game last month and it was delicious. Now, it is my staple.

Below are some photos from our 8" of powder on March 5th, 2013. Notice the "spring" wreath on the door with the snow-covered spruce tip topairies next to the door. Oxymoron.

We concluded our shoveling with cocktails...phew!

Miss L is LOVING eating rice, and also these new mini-crackers with peanut butter from Target...or anything with peanut butter. She knows the difference between hot and cold, yes and no, and is quickly identifying Mr. Cole as her new bestie. He is so patient with her.

Watching: As always, Kim & Kourtney take Miami tops the list (any Kardashian show is a reminder that my family isn't "that" crazy!). We also recently re-negotiated our cable bill and rec'd HBO, Starz, Showtime, etc. free for a year. With that said, I am certain we will gain an addiction in some new series.

Miss L is watching Poppy Cat, Chica, Thomas and more - all on our favorite new TV channel Sprout!

Anticipating: Seeing my family next month when we make a trip to MI to visit.

Listening to: Justin Timberlake's new album The 20/20 Experience, is a bit jazzy-blues-ish and we are fixated on the song: Suit & Tie

Planning for: Preparing our taxes...yep this on my list LAST month! 15 more days...eek!

Working on: Planning a girls weekend away later in the year with my high school/middle school long-time girlfriends! It seems as if a trip to SW Michigan is I'm researching wineries and well as cottages with a hot tub! It is a reminder of how wonderful that side of Michigan is and there is a reason they call it "Napa Valley of the Midwest."

Wishing for: warm weather soon! A new job for J!

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