Wednesday, February 18, 2015

How the Other Half Lives...

I anxiously said a final "see you later" to my colleagues and excitedly pushed open the large, 14' wooden double doors to the outside world. The blue skies, abundant sunshine and warmth of life in Colorado welcomed me. On Friday, I closed a chapter in my book of work {for the near future, that is} and started my new job yesterday as a stay-at-home-mom. It is not without bittersweet feelings.

Rewind to a moment about a month ago, as J is out of town for a work trip, our nanny painfully exclaimed that she couldn't fulfill her end of the contact, as her lifestyle {read: 21 and grocery shopping at Whole Foods} requires her to make more money that we can afford to pay her.

I called and emailed six in-home daycare locations with zero success, which led me to inquire with daycare centers - the only locations with availability just didn't seem affordable. Plus, I hated the idea of baby S in an infant room with a ratio of 1:5. I started to question, "what happens when multiple babies need fed, held, or are just crying?" or doubt my ability to get myself and two little princesses out the door every.single.morning. This was combined with my distaste to pumping at work, missing my girls and feeling like time was just flying by and my decision was pretty easily justified. we are.

At the very least there will be more time to blog {record memories}, and a rare opportunity to work on "projects" that I have in the pipeline and most importantly, have the unique gift to experience motherhood - full-time. That, I will be forever grateful for and I am confident this is a decision that I won't regret.

Stay tuned...

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  1. How exciting! I guess we have some things to catch up on! <3