Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer has arrived...Finally!

With J away from home the past 5 weeks, us ladies have been making the best of our days without him. Unfortunately, the first 4 weeks felt more like March or April and less like summer. Every day was rainy, gray, cloudy and rather chilly. At one point recently, the weatherman said 27 of the last 36 days had some form of precipitation - rain or the white stuff!!! The depressing weather extends to my line of work as I have crafted a dozen or so emails to members about "pool closures" or cancelled events due to rain and chilly temperatures.

The past week or "so" has been feeling more like summer - which makes a daddy-less home much more tolerable. The sun shines perfectly in my room to jolt me out of bed like a cup of Archer Farms Cinnamon Vanilla Nut Coffee! We have officially stowed away the fleece and most importantly, us ladies have been able to get back to being the lil' happy, social butterflies that we are!

Below is snapshot of our week last week!
Monday -
Dinner on the patio of one of our favorite restaurants - Valley Tap House
We met up with the "C" family, including one of our besties, Miss Cece for dinner {kids eat free, wahoo!} and a Summer Shandy for mommy!
Miss L and Miss Cece playing in the fountain while we wait for a table on the patio!

Tuesday -
Enjoyed a nice stroll to the nearby park with neighbors Stephanie and her babes. I must admit lil' Brooks is one of the most adorable little boys and I was really hoping to set-up an arranged marriage for 22 years from now! These little blondies are sooo cute together!

Two lil' monkeys!

Wednesday -
Miss L played at a neighbor's home {thank you Amy & Co.}, while mommy "worked on the house" to prepare it for sale. Essentially, storing toys away to make my formal dining room... a formal dining room again! We are extremely blessed with amazing friends called neighbors that have come to the rescue time and time again; and shower us with generous amounts of love & support.

Thursday -
Just us two girls grabbed some Thai food from a local place and hopped in the car to have a picnic in the park. Miss L doesn't really "dig" Thai food yet-  but she does eat mass amounts of Jasmine Rice! It was a beautiful evening and made for a fun memory!

Friday -
Daddy arrived home for a weekend of fun and Father's Day celebration. Yay! More to come in a different post...

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  1. Miss L & Miss CeCe remind me of you and Marlo some 28 years ago.