Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Time to Getaway!

It seems that the holiday hangover is in full-effect in our household. The hangover + the sub-zero temperatures last week, has driven us both to want to scratch the itch to go somewhere.

I thought maybe I should blog about our most recent trip to Orlando, back in November (which seems soo long ago!) prior to booking our next trip away.

We exchanged our timeshare for a week in Orlando in mid-November. We were less than a mile from SeaWorld and just a short distance from the fun on International Drive and Disney World.

We spent one entire day touring Kennedy Space Center. Although this is Jeremy's "thing" being the space-math-science type, it was really fun for me as well! Miss L did great as we spent about 6 hours on-site {without a nap!}.

Another day was spent at SeaWorld, which was our favorite. Although, Miss L was only 15 months old, she loved it! And we loved seeing everything through her eyes. One unique use of technology that really wow'd this modern family as during the pre-show, the big screen had these animated characters bouncing up and down saying "Hi, Josh or Hi, Samantha" and the screen said to text your child's name to SeaWorld to be highlighted on the screen. So we did...and thus you can see in the pic below that "Patti" said "Hi, Alexis!" THEN, I received a text from Patti saying email me a photo of you at SeaWorld...and so I sent a photo snapped just an hour ago to Patti and at the end of the show...Miss L's photo was on the big screen. How neat!!  

One of the last activities we did nearly as the Park was closing was enter a life-size faux snow globe for a magical holiday moment. All three of us were in the giant snow globe for some over-priced, photography momentos...but J did get out and let us girls play. He said, he's heard a lot of "oohs and awes" in the last 15 months of Miss L...but he had never heard or seen so many people stop in their tracks and look at us and comment. It was truly a magical moment that I will never forget.

We also visited Dowtown Disney...

Dancing with the other kids...surprised?

One of the best parts of our trip included a couple dinners with my long-time bestie Kel and her 4 boys {1 big, 1 three-year old, 2 one-year old twins}. They also graciously hosted us overnight on our last night, where the four of us enjoyed cocktails by the fire outside and our big boys enjoyed looking through Brian's massive telescope into space. Thanks G Family for the fun!

We also had dinner with a long-time friend from my time with the Tigers. She and her husband are foster parents to Miss B and the girls {just a couple months apart} had fun at dinner together!

Entertraining everyone at the Pool - this is what we do!
Her "Leo" personality shines at a young age.

Sign of a good vacay...actually slept on the flight home.
Where to next? Anywhere but the North Pole. Perhaps Cali again as it offers the Ocean, Palm Trees AND In-n-Out {which ironically has palm trees as the logo}! Hmmm...

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