Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy 17-month {birth} day!

Last year at this time, Miss L was starting to get up on all fours and nearly crawling and now today, we are celebrating 17 wonderful months with Miss L.

Below are some photos of today. I am not sure if there is an evening that goes by without us dancing or playing music. She is running around, playing with her best friend, Mr. Cole, and crawling on top of everything. She loves reading books, playing with dolls, and watching Family Guy with her daddy (yep, best parents of the year award!)

We officially have to spell out words in front of her. Miss L said her first two-word "sentence" or shall we say phrase...just this week. "More Cookie," she said, clear as day! Yep, she loves cookies. This habbit began around the holidays, specifically around the Christmas C-word Exchange!

She's a great sleeper, hitting the crib around 8:30-9pm nightly and waking up somewhere in the 8 o'clock hour in the morning. Most days, she takes two naps...it just depends on her wake-up time. All-in-all...she is one happy lil' doll.

This was on our way to daycare. She loves her daycare and so do we!
We also just installed the convertible car seat this week and I am loving it!
I think baby is happy about the added room also!

Climbing into our "Cozy Coupe," which was under the tree from her daddy!
Oh yes...our "heat wave!" I never thought I would say 32 is warm.
In fact, I didn't wear a coat to work yesterday b/c of the temperature. But look ahead...low of -3 on Monday.
All good things must come to an end.

Miss L is getting sooo tall! This is her dancing.
Which remiinds me, we need to weigh and measure her here at home.
We love our car!

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