Monday, October 1, 2012

Yay Tigers!!

We are crossing our fingers for playoff baseball for our beloved Tigers and were fortunate to be a part of the action this past weekend when they came to Twins Territory!
Target Field is truly a masterpiece of a ballpark and is always a treat to attend a game there.
Miss L did great, despite no afternoon nap. She immediately zonked out in the car seat on the way home and stayed asleep all night! Mommy & Daddy stopped for some locally-made ice cream on this beautiful summer-like fall night. Soy Pumpkin with a small top scoop of salted caramel, with whipped cream...more posts to follow about my new interest in salted caramel.
As one of her Grandpas clevery put it: "She is quite the catch!"

Despite the English D, she was still loved by Twins fans

She just started this brow furrowing as of late. Case and point!
Tigers win 6-4 and after game 3 on Sunday, went up 3 games over the White Sox. The season after I was born, they won the World Series. I think this could be the year!

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  1. That dessert sounds SO yummy!!! I love L's outfit!