Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy 14-month to Miss L!

Wow, 14 months ago today we welcomed this burst of sunshine into our world. Not that our world wasn't already filled with optimism, blessings and joy...but Miss L's arrival took it to a whole new level.

These days, we are gaining confidence with climbing on anything and everything! Sometimes mom and dad are quick on the draw with the camera, other times, we just have enough time to grab her before trauma occurs.

We have six teeth (4 up, 2 down) and are eating most everything except peanut butter and honey. We recently have slowly introduced egg into her diet after a little rash on the day of her birthday party in MI. So far, so good! Her favorite foods include: cheese, yogurt (pumpkin, especially), pumpkin pancakes, oatmeal, milk, strawberries, grilled cheese, pasta and bread.

We point to everything, understanding that things have titles, exercising receptive language, and says dadda, kitty, and on occassion mmmmmomma. I love how she is particularly chatty after I pick her up from daycare daily.

We have been sleeping in like a teenager lately. Some nights this past weekend, she even sleept 13-14 hours! Definitely learning something or growing

Since we do not have a 14-month sticker to slap on a onesie, here is an assortment of new photos from the past week...

Sitting on the sound amp, we have even caught her standing on the it!!

Standing in the Bumbo

this makes me laugh...her newest "thing" is to furrow her brows...kind of embarassing sometimes when she does it to strangers, but usually follows it with a smile to recover. :)
She always wants to be part of the action...
sitting on the kitchen island while mom and dad make
pancakes (blueberry for him, pumpkin for us girls!)

Standing in her doll's stroller...
to look out the window for coyotes!

She loves her couch...and books! Look at that hair!!!


  1. I feel like after the one year mark hits, months just fly by! She keeps growing more and more into a little, happy girl. Must get it from mama :-)

  2. She is a climber just like her mama. Lorryn's climbing use to drive her Aunt Bonnie absolutely crazy. Just a beautiful little girl who is loved & missed by many.