Friday, April 27, 2012


What a week!

Last week was a flurry of activity with visiting family in Michigan, flying back on a 7am flight Tuesday to make a 1pm job interview, followed by work obligations, catching up on laundry and this doesn't even include the stress of J's job with his RVP in town for meetings and presentations.

Fast forward to this week...and the emotional rollercoaster...


  • Storytime at the Library with Miss C and her mommy...followed by park time in the afternoon
  • A get the job offer {yay!}
  • I proceed to spend hours crying my eyes out about leaving my lil' doll {full-time}
  • And J's week is no better...surprise visit by the auditors
My smiley lil' doll!
We tease that they look like old ladies with their hats!


  • Went to the indoor water park/pool with Miss C and her mommy...followed by lunch on the patio
  • More tears about parting from Miss L
  • J arrives home from working "the most stressful day ever" and proceeds to tell me news about his job that could change whether I should accept aforementioned new job
  • I spent Tuesday afternoon/evening feeling ill as can be {fever, chills, head ache, all over body aches, loss of appetite, etc...thought it was food poisoning...but not so sure anymore!}
  • 11pm, searching outside for Mr. Cole, as he slipped out of the house on us, while we were on the patio {he trotted across the cul-de-sac after 30 minutes of flashlight tag}
Lunch in the Sun!
Afternoon playtime outside on our lawn


  • Wake up feeling somewhat human again...but there is a silver lining...
  • I hop on the scale...& LOVE the numbers on the scale {hello 140's!!}
  • 8am - take Miss L to daycare
  • 8:15 - Greet property tax accessor at our home {trying to lower our taxes}
  • Race to work {45 min commute} for a 10am training I am conducting at work
  • Still have no idea what is going on with J's job situation 


  • Lunch with Daddy...which we all get so much enjoyment from!
  • During our daily family walk/jog...decide to continue on as we were 
Her daddy always makes her giggle!
Reading at Panera Bread

  • Proceed forward with life as usual...remembering everything is in God's hands
  • Feel at peace with decisions
  • Create my lengthy to-do list of things to get done prior to working outside the home full time
  • Book a reservation for dinner Saturday at one of our favorite restaurants - Kona Grill...
  • TGIF!

Pretty flowers for a pertty girl

 Phew! Just breathe...


  1. Aww so sorry it's been a tough week and that I've been hard to.get ahold of!! I'll try to catch you this weekend to get the full update <3

  2. Call if you need to talk! I don't have to go back to work until August, and I'm already starting to feel anxious about it, so I totally get how you feel. Just think how many women never get to take all that time off to be with their babies. You are a wonderful mom, but you are also a creative person, who needs to express that side of yourself, too!