Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Org. Chart

I recently started printing this weekly chart of activities, to-dos, meals, work out plans, etc.

I have always been a list maker and so it only makes sense to make one big list for the week. I have found this as a great tool to organize my individual days as I wear multiple hats as mommy, employee, employer, wife and more! I write in the various rows with my daily phone calls and tasks to do for my part-time marketing job and my personal event planning passion; as well as, outlining meal ideas, work out goals and even blogging ideas. Besides, it always seems like I have 5 phone calls per day to make in an effort to chase after medical bills, erroneous utility bills, or some other random household issue.

This is a new kind of "org chart" for me...but it definitely helps keep our household on track, focused and productive. As the weather warms and we long to spend more time outside or at the zoo, I think this chart will grow even more important.

How do you keep your household organized? Any favorite "apps for that"?

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