Monday, March 19, 2012

Mother Nature's Apology

After the never-ending and uber-snowy winter of 2011, Mother Nature is working overtime this winter to apologize. This Minnesota winter has been extremely mild {for us and everywhere else in the Midwest}, hardly any snow, it melted as fast as it arrived and on January 10 - golfers were on some courses, here in MN!!

The cherry-on-top of this extremely melty ice cream cone was the 7-day weather forecast for the Twin Cities from last week. As luck would have it, the thermometer continued to rise up and up further than the weatherman suggests in this picture. The past 4 days continued to peak over 80 degrees, breaking records and making it darn right - hot and humid. But I am not complaining!! I love it hot, hot, hot!!

Unfortunately, my dear daughter takes after her father in the internal thermostat department. We are soo close to turning on the air MINNESOTA! It is so hard to believe. It truly feels like July. However, when the 7 month old has a difficult time napping {with fans on}, and the husband is a bit on the is tempting to cool down this home!

Regardless...we are soaking it up with lots of walk/jogs, grilling out and relaxing outside on our patio furniture that came out of basement this weekend!!

The best part is getting Miss L in her sundresses that may not fit her when the real summer arrives...
Mommy loves the fun colors of Summer!

Cuddling with Daddy!
I'm sure next month we'll get a snowstorm, this "winter" weather is too good to be true to last us into summer. For now, I am enjoying flip flop season.

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  1. Ethan's internal thermostat is just like Kevin's, and they, too, are both hot ALL the time. The child sweats if he's in his carseat for more than 10 minutes! Glad you are enjoying this nice weather, though!