Friday, March 30, 2012

Forward it Friday

Today, I am sharing something worthy of forwarding and sharing with your friends.

I am excited that I came across this unique chart of "What Breast Cancer Looks Like" by using fruit to describe things to look and feel for while performing your monthly check.

The reason I found this is less than exciting. You see, my cousin Mandi (jewelry designer, at the blog Rustic Charms and Flower Farms ), has a dear friend Angela (she met through the moms of multiples group), who was diagnosed with breast cancer, last year at the age of 32. Angela blogs about her experience as a young person and young mom battling cancer at It is What It Is.

Her experience with cancer really hits close to home for me, as cancer is so rampant in our families. The thought of cancer is scary to makes me eat right {but yet not deprive myself of things I love}, it motivates me to exercise {forgeting what the scale says}, and it reminds me to live every day like it is my last.

Plus, the aforementioned cancer fighter, Angela, lives here in the Twin it really is close to home.

Below is a chart {click on it to enlarge} Angela shared on her blog, I hope you will consider a self-exam on your breasts and always keep this photo handy as a reminder.

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