Thursday, September 22, 2011

Exciting Lunch Date

Today after our "mommy and me" class, us moms decided to extend our fun across the street to Applebees. It was quite comical witnessing the staff jump through hoops to seat six moms each carrying baby car seats with babies ranging from 6 - 9 weeks old. The manager said, "This is the most dynamic table we have served," meanwhile, the other guests ooo'ed and aww'd as they walked past counting car seats. The little ones did great for the most part, needing bottles here and there...and us moms definitely enjoyed our selves.

During mommy and me class, we weighed Miss L (with clothes on, but with a clean diaper) and she was 9lb 2.5oz - slowly, but assuredly gaining. For now, she will continue to be our little peanut!

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