Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Next Chapter...

One of the most precious moments that may be etched in my head {and heart} for ever, happened yesterday evening. J arrived home from picking up Miss L from her first day at preschool...I heard the garage service door open, followed by tiny little footsteps that burst into the home to our kitchen and a little blonde beauty ran into my arms while saying, "Mommy, was your first day?" My heart melted...

The day began with a few tears...but quickly was filled with exhilaration and I started my new job yesterday and our family began a new chapter of preschool, dual-careers, strong calendar management and an even busier household!

J helped me get Miss L up and off to preschool for the first time. She was so cute preparing to go to "school!" I even bought her a new outfit for her first day to make it extra special. And we are in love with her new school and impressed with The Goddard School corporation.

Within hours of arriving to my new office, I was texting J the message, "I love my job!" Hours later when the family gathered back at the homestead, we tag-teamed dinner and while we sipped our respective "celebration cocktails" {or "tot-tails" as a little person calls them!}, I received my new daily email from her school with specific details about her day {toilet-training, food, the yoga-pose of the day, etc. - including photos of little girl!} was the final piece of a beautiful puzzle. We read through it together, laughing and excited to see what this next chapter will hold for us.

I discovered during the intense interview process {phone call, in-person interview, 1-hour sales test and two skype interviews with senior management later} - how much I enjoy working...just how passionate I am about this industry, the depth of my knowledge and to be much I rock at my job. I have been so fortunate to land great positions over the course of our many moves...and this position is no different.

I enjoy spending time with my baby girl, I like being a SAHM, but I don't think I necessarily "loved" it...and watching Miss L thrive in a social and academically-challenged setting is as equally as rewarding as my growing and promising career. I am thanking my lucky stars right now...feeling blessed.

First Day of Preschool 12/3/2013

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