Thursday, April 11, 2013

Charlotte Airport - CLT - Review

Last month, we had the great pleasure of two layovers to/from Mexico at Charlotte/Douglas International Airport, the 8th largest airport in the U.S. This was not our first CLT experience and we quickly remembered how much we enjoy the airport (and Charlotte).

Aside from being beautiful and clean; the terminal is filled with great shops and cute eateries. The smell of slow-cooked, sweet carolina bbq pork fills the air and the large, sun-filled windows make it super bright and warm!

The biggest reason this airport is probably #2 on my list is due to the fact that we found this awesome "nook" to rest and relax chase Miss L around until we are beyond exhausted. Since airport terminals tend to be tight and mass chaos, it was refreshing to step out of traffic and enjoy some playtime free of getting run over by rushed passengers.

The space is on the 2nd floor, just steps from the passenger traffic and is complete with rocking chairs (as seen on a big southern porch south of the Ohio River) and a eye-level view of this rotating artwork of various flight inventions for Miss L to gaze at with excitement.

Rocking - which lasted just a few minutes

Birds eye view of the Terminal

Perhaps you can see the artwork

If your travel plans give you the option of a layover, I would highly suggest CLT if possible due to it's an option. If you are flying US Air, it is probably more than an option, it probably is a natural part of your flight plan.

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