Monday, April 8, 2013

20-months of Laughter!

Today, we celebrate 20 months of Miss L! Or in better words - 20 months of laughter, joy, giggles, smiles and fun!

It seems like just yesterday we brought her home from the hospital and yet today, she is busy climbing the mountains called couches and chasing Mr. Cole around our home.

Ironically, she had an impromptu visit with her pediatrician today as she has been fighting a cold the past week, which turned into a non-stop discharge in her bloodshot eyes. Poor thing looked miserable while we spent the recent weekend bouncing around Chicago.

Turns out she has her first ear infection, which also included an eye infection. We were thankful it wasn't pink eye and she is already looking much better after two doses of medication today.
Her weight check today: 25# 8oz - about 50th %tile

She surprises us daily with a new word learned or a new phrase exclaimed. I think her biggest "thing" right now is saying Please and Thank You! Her polite ways quickly extended far beyond retrieving/accepting food, and she correctly applies them to nearly everything. Tonight, she was sitting on the lap of J, so I threw her "silky" blanket to them and she responded naturally, "thank you, mommy."

She also understands and uses "hot" and "cold" correctly.

Our new favorite snack is a slightly thawed, frozen Go-Gurt {Yogurt on the Go!}. She'll almost always eat pasta, corn and anything with peanut butter.

Despite being sick, we managed to have some fun in Chi Town - see pics below...

Playing on the play-airplane at MSP Terminal 2.
Both MSP Terminals are well-equipped with kid-friendly activity centers.
Lunch at Tesori, while visiting my former boss

Visiting "The Bean" with Daddy! It was super windy! Surprise?

Too bad Miss L was sick...would've been a super cute photo!

Our lil' water bug

Riding the "moving walkway" at MDW...entertaining a 20-month old AND the rest of MDW passengers! :)

Goodnight, Chicago! (Oh, we bought that book to add to our collection)

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