Friday, January 18, 2013

A unique way to ring in 2013

As I mentioned in a previous post, we had a very interesting new way to celebrate New Years Eve.

This year, we were invited to travel further north to a cabin filled with friends, food and fun. The only desire was to leave the pitter-patter of lil' feet back home. This was a natural challenge for us since family is not in close proximity to our home. Thankfully, we are blessed with friends close by that are just like family and a dear friend and neighbor offered to host Miss L for about 48 hours while mommy and daddy escaped even closer to Canada for some adult fun!

Miss L was in great hands and had such a blast with our neighbors and friends including a NYE Party with her friend - Miss R, as they are just two weeks apart! You can tell from the photos below...

We had a fun time up north (2 hours north) at a beautiful cabin with six other couples sans kiddos. The weather was not real cooperative a bit frigid, -14 one morning; which did not allow us to take part in typical winter time activities - such as snow golf on the lake, snow shoeing or tubing down a local ski hill - but we did enjoy lots of indoor games and I enjoyed a nice relaxing massage at the spa at the resort.

The cabin was set with a fireplace, pool table, foosball table, the Packers vs. Vikings game, and a very interactive home-made "Newlywed Game." Our friends Nick and Becky made up the questions for a multiple rounds of fun. Having been together for over 16 years, we were feeling confident with our ability to win this so we suggested a friendly wager.

The questions ranged from the typical "what article of clothing do you wish your husband would throw away already? to "what color panties is your wife wearing right now?"

As you can imagine it was a tough competition and we were in it to win it so when the opportunity came up for a "daily double" style final question - we bet everything! The men were asked to identify the all-important 4 C's of a diamond and the ladies had to guess how many they would correctly answer.

Knowing Jer and his impeccable attention to detail - I guessed that he would know all four...and I think I'm the only girl that guessed their guy would get all 4. As predicted, Jer did get all four - cut, clarity, color and carat! We were crowned winners and put $30 in our pocket...which of course went towards a round of shots for all later in the evening at a local bar!

It was a nice lil' getaway, adult time is so important; but we both couldn't wait to love in Miss L when we rushed to pick her up on New Years Day.

Here are some photos of our fun...

Happy New Year!

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