Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day

"Going Green" has become mainstream over the years and doesn't seem to be fading away anytime soon...especially if you live in a urban or suburban area, like we do.

In honor of Earth Day today, I thought I would share our household methods for contributing in a positive way to our environment. Perhaps your house might adopt an idea below...
  • Dishcloths | To cut down on using sponges {and the germs that reside on sponges}

  • Cloth Grocery Bags | Created this habit out of survival while living downtown Chicago and walking 4 blocks home with enough groceries for our entire building

  • Homemade Cleaning Products | An effort to use less chemicals on the items Miss L loves to teeth on - counters and table tops...among many other "non-toy-toy" surfaces. Prior to the plethora of homemade cleaning products on Pinterest, I started seeking out ways to clean green! 

Granite Counter Cleaner Recipe

General All-Purpose Cleaner Recipe

Easy Breezy Toilet Bowl Cleaner  - Sprinkle Baking Soda in the toilet bowl, splash white vinegar atop for some cleaning bubbles...let sit 5 minutes, and then brush away!

  • Cloth Napkins | I asked for these for Christmas...since I do soo much laundry these days, I thought why not use cloth napkins and cut down on the volume of paper ones
  • Reusable Water Bottle | Clear and Simple...less plastic {using a BPA-free bottle}

  • Recycle | Our trash drawer pulls out and has a trash can and a blue recycle can which we fill frequently
  • Bar Soap | This may just be the frugalista in me...but we have drifted away from the bottles of liquid shower/body soap
  • Unplugging unused electronics | I hate to admit that this household has 5 TV sets {yes, for 2 adults}...but we do keep 2 of them unplugged 99% of the time, saving on our electricity demands
  • Homemade Baby Food | 80% of what Miss L eats is homemade...saving us money and saving on those glass or plastic containers

I hope you can "go green" today, and everyday!

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